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Plan and host a Yankee Swap

Getting your Yankee Swap Christmas party game going is easy and its a great way to share the spirit of the season without breaking the bank. Download the Yankee Swap Rules.

  1. Choose what variation of the traditional Christmas party game you'd like to play and what the cost limit should be. The Yankee Swap Rules page has many variations.

  2. Send the invitations with your plans to host a Yankee Swap. Be sure to include the cost limit for the gifts.

  3. Find a great gift with Amazon's Yankee Swap Gift List.

  4. When your guests arrive have a place ready to keep the gifts. They shouldn't have to walk through the party to hand over the gift. The idea is to keep their identity a secret. At some point you'll want to move them to a central location where everyone can get a good look.

  5. Swap and enjoy.


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